A full-service web design and development company to help you grow your brand.

For over 25 years, Paradigmmedia has merged creativity, technology and business-minded thinking to help companies unlock their value. We specialize in:

  • Mobile responsive web design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organic strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Web content marketing that ‘keeps them coming back’

Through our “one-stop shop” approach, we support each client every step of the way, from concept to completion, and beyond. Some clients know exactly what they want; others require direction and consultation. We help all of our clients decide what best suits their mission and vision, and of course, their budget – the bottom line. Then we put together the right team to finalize all the aspects of the project.

Our Team

Julie Patton

Julie Patton

Certified Multi-Media Producer & New Media Designer

Julie Patton brings 25 years of media experience to the web design and digital marketing company she owns and operates, Paradigmmedia. Her company has built and continues to upgrade websites for a variety of clients in legal, finance and insurance industries; the health and fitness arena; the interior design sector; and organizations with 500 or more employees.

When you work with Paradigmmedia, Julie and her network of industry specialists will create a website that attracts more prospects who are looking online for the products and services you provide. Your team will then provide ongoing digital marketing support; for example, SEO, blogs and advertisement updates about your company… relevant content that is trending on Google and boosts your ‘conversion rate’.

Julie takes a strategic approach to each assignment, focusing on in-depth research, brainstorming strategies and customization. Not only does she creatively direct the look and tone of the site, she supervises staff and production teams to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and to your specifications.

As a result, Paradigmmedia enjoys ongoing relationship building with their clients, not bad in the web development industry – ‘the wild west’ – as Julie puts it.

Sharaz Hossein

Sharaz Hossein

Certified Computer Programmer, Web Developer & Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Sharaz Hossein provides our clients with over 25 years of experience in web development and design, and 15 years of experience in Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A former computer programmer and digital fine-art reproduction specialist, he works closely with our project management team, web designers and clients, ensuring that all sites are optimized, secure and running smoothly.

Sharaz applies the most appropriate web development programming for the project at hand, whether it be JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, ASP, C#, CSS, Perl, C/C++ (for server side module development), Objective-C, Swift, Rubu, SQL, MySQL, or InnoDB. He uses open source platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

As an SEO specialist, Sharaz keeps up to date with all technical aspects of Google, staying of top of its ever-changing requirements. His focus has never been about the number of visits to a site, but more about the quality of the visitor’s experience. He gets into the psyche of the visitor, based on his analysis of the search data. From there, he focuses on how the site presents itself on Google.