Paradigmmedia brings 25 years of multi-media production experience to the table

Paradigmmedia believes in face-to-face communication with each client offering a “one-stop shop” approach. Each client is taken care of during every step of the communication process from concept to completion and beyond. Some clients know exactly what they want, but others require direction and consultation. We help clients decide what best suits their mission and vision and of course their budget – the bottom line. Collaborating and creating the right team is required to finalize all the aspects of each project.

Our Team

Julie Patton is a Certified New Media Designer and Multi-Media Producer.   With over 25 years of experience, Julie works closely with a team of writers, designers, web developers, search engine optimizers, social media communicators, printers, photographers, video editors, advertising agencies, marketing directors, and audio-visual staging companies to create a successful project.

Sharaz Hossein is a Certified Computer Programmer, Web Developer and Search Optimization Specialist offering our clients over 25 years of experience. Sharaz works closely with the project management team, Web designers and clients, ensuring all sites are optimized, secure and running smoothly.

Lily Varga brings to the table over 10 years of graphic and web design experience, working in many reputable Toronto advertising agencies. With her passion of user centric design and story telling, she has a strong knack for creating a unique online experience for B2C and SMB clients.

Please contact Paradigmmedia for a 15 minute telecall consultation and learn how we can help you increase your business opportunities on the Web.