Social Media Digital Marketing offers a myriad of possibilities, depending on which social channel your business should focus on to market your product or service.  It can be an overwhelming experience to choose the proper social network to market your business, and that is where we step in to manage, educate and advise on the best approach possible, to make it a positive and effective ROI experience.

Each Social Media Campaign may consist of Event Marketing, Promotional Ads, Educational Posts, and Interactive Relationship Building techniques.

We customize each social media project depending on whether it is a solo campaign or an ongoing ad campaign. We partner with various Social Media Teams to monitor A/B testing, and analyze the campaign outcome. Social Media analytics are reported and reviewed to ensure the campaign is running smoothly and adjusted accordingly. We work together with clients to ensure they engage, educate and promote their products and services in a professional communicative manner offering that personal touch.

All pricing packages are quoted separately in order to adapt to your needs and budget. Please contact us, and we will help create a social media plan that works for you.