Digital Content Marketing is one of the most important segments of the whole marketing and communication process.

Are you suffering writers block?  Maybe you need someone to re-purpose your web content for blogging and social media platforms. Maybe your Website needs marketing content that is engaging, entertaining and educational too.  Discover how SEO content for higher ranking results on Google Analytics increases the minute you choose to write relevant web content.  If you promote yourself as the industry leader on the Web, you could be  increasing your ROI you never thought existed.  Maybe you need to summarize your videos for YouTube to enhance Search Engine Optimization and bring traffic to your site.  We provide marketing content solutions such as:

  • blogging
  • re-purposing content for social media platforms
  • white papers
  • eBooks
  • press kits
  • Web sites
  • brochures
  • postcards
  • flyers

Types of digital content marketing service clients may require:

  • A client requires a blogger to represent them as an industry leader. view example
  • A client requires a fresh rewrite of their profile for press releases, press kits, call-to-action web advertisements.
  • A client provides copy and asks us to edit it and post it on the Web site.
  • A client needs content and asks us to research the copy, edit it and post it on the Web site.
  • A  client needs to implement new keywords as part of a search engine optimization request.
  • A  client needs ad copy written from a list of facts submitted in order to design print material.
  • A client needs taglines written with keywords to invite the reader to read more.
  • A client needs their whole Website copy edited for on-line viewers.

REMEMBER THAT “CONTENT IS KING” ON THE WEB, so please contact Paradigmmedia for a 1/2 hr. complimentary consultation.