So why upgrade to a Mobile Responsive Website in today’s every changing on-line arena?

Well the numbers keep increasing but as of January 2016 85% of visitors on the Web are using their Mobile Phones to search and find your business on-line.  If your business is still using a static Website, or a site that is not scrolling vertically on your mobile device, then you may want to consider the advantages listed below  of  why you need to upgrade to a Fully Responsive Website.

  • Mobile responsive websites retain your search engine optimization ranking
  • On the April 21st changes to Google’s algorithms were predicted to “significantly impact” mobile search results worldwide.
  • Google is expanding the use of website mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.
  • If your website is not Responsive or you don’t have a Mobile version website, your ranking will have significant negative impact.

Why Paradigmmedia?

We provide expertise in designing and programming cost effective mobile friendly Word Press websites that secure your ranking, load fast and are secure. Our mobile sites will promote your branding while increasing website performance in Google Searches so your ranking will not get effected. Please review our pricing to design a fully responsive website here.