Getting to the Top of Google Page 1 is only the beginning, but what’s next?

Almost every Search Engine Optimization provider will promise to get you on to page 1 fast and furious, but what about the bottom line?  At Paradigmmedia we ask this question regularly to our customers, “Did you get a phone call from the Website?”
When we hear those words, “I picked up a great client from my Website”, we know that your site is converting clicks into business. If you are not getting those calls, our strategy changes that month and we go back to the drawing board.

Marketing your business on the Web is an ongoing process that keeps you at the forefront above your competitors.

Many SEO factors play a role in being at the “Top of Google”

Building a relationship with your Search Engine Optimization Team is very important.

We take pride in..

  • Booking a monthly two-way communication process between you and our SEO team
  • Providing SEO marketing strategy reports compiled in a “user-friendly” format
  • Extensively researching your Google Analytic Reports and providing monthly strategy outcomes
  • Providing long-tail keywords and phrases and implementing regularly on your pages
  • Advising industry trending topics for content marketing strategies
  • Complimenting 3rd-party print and on-line marketing campaigns
  • Providing project management services to ensure all elements are implemented in the on-line marketing process
  • Backing up and upgrading all web plugins, database files etc. for consistent security measures

Let us help bring your company success on the Web.  To view our “To the Top” SEO Packages click here, or contact us for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.